Cupid Love Calculator


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  • The god of love. He is represented as a naked, winged boy with a bow and arrows, with which he wounds his victims
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  • (cupidity) avarice: extreme greed for material wealth
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cupid love calculator

cupid love calculator – Monster High

Monster High Sweet 1600 Action Figure Doll C.A. Cupid
Monster High Sweet 1600 Action Figure Doll C.A. Cupid
Monster High Sweet 1600 Doll Collection!Dating can be a mystery, but fortunately for the students of Monster high they have a line to the ultimate go to ghoul who knows the answer to every, well almost every, relationship riddle. Perhaps youve heard of her Her name is CUPID. Okay, okay shes not The Cupid, he only works with normies, but she is his daughter and knows a thing or a thousand about monster relationships. She doesnt flit around randomly launching arrows, even though she keeps a quiver handy in case of emergencies. She takes calls on her radio show that is broadcast daily from a station in the catacombs. So, next time youre at Monster High tune in and five a listen as she tries to assure her fellow students that LOVE doesnt have to be scary.

Lula's Valentine's Day Contest 2- Cupid got me, I'm in love.

Lula's Valentine's Day Contest 2- Cupid got me, I'm in love.

skin/shape – Wrigglesworth – Aunt Penny
Jumpsuit – Pig – Heather Goes Hunting, Ruby
Hair – !lamb, ambrosia, powder
Bandaid – Nylon Outfitter – Adhesive Bandaid
glasses – Nylon Out. – Lolita Sun Glasses – red / yellow
necklace – Nylon Outfitters – Large Pearl Necklace
Socks – Pig – Duotone Socks with Suspenders – strawberry
Eyes – Poetic Colors – aurora eyes
bow/quiver – ANA – Cupid’s Bow and arrow set


Skin: Tres Blah- Jejune Cherry {light}
Hair: !Lamb Sleepyhead – Ink
Bowtie adornment: Fashionably Dead- Mr. Winter’s Icy Stare Mask (modified)
Shirt: Pig- The Sipowicz
Cardigan: Nylon Outfitters- Chunky Cardi Black/White

Jeans: Mon Tissu- 1929 Cigarette – original
Shoes – Gato -Zebra Bootie
Bowtie- RC Grampy’s Bowtie
Glasses- Alphavillain – The Ipcress Glasses


skin/shape: Wrigglesworth, max
glasses: wrigglesworth – poppy’s glasses
inhaler – RC CLuster EZ breeve Inhaler
Watch – Reek Calculator watch
Eyes – poetic colors, dark wood,
shoes: HOC – Easy Striders

socks – Pig – Argyle Sock Gertrude
shirt – Nylon Outfitters, Blue Heart Thermal
shorts – Pig – Crosstown Shortpants (camel)


But Cupid’s automatic musta fired multiple shots at her
Because she fall in love too often that’s what the matter